New photo gallery

For years, I’ve had a simple public photo gallery hidden away with a semi-private URL, built with swiggle, which is a very simple gallery program which generates static indexes and thumbnails. It’s quite efficient, but not especially pretty. It’s time to change that.

I’ve recently been playing with Piwigo, and so far I’m rather liking it. It’s much prettier, and seems considerably less heavyweight than Gallery2, which I’ve used elsewhere. It seems to handle presenting galleries and images in a visually pleasant way which is easier to navigate than the index which swiggle generated, it can cope with “uploading” images via a shell script, which is essential for me given the way I manage the photos from my camera. It also has a permissions system, so that I can restrict access to certain photos as is occasionally necessary, rather than excluding them from the gallery entirely.

So as of now, my new photo gallery is available at

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