root CA certificate

Until recently, used our own root CA certificate to sign our SSL certificates. We are moving over to but until this is complete the root CA certificate is still available.

You can configure your browser to recognise our secure sites by installing the org root CA certificate.

You can download it here

During installation you should be given the ability to view fingerprints. Please check against the fingerprints below to make sure they match.

In Firefox, you are given a View button. The fingerprints should be visible in the dialog that pops up. After checking the fingerprint, tick some boxes to decide what you trust the certificate to do. At the very least, this must include trusting the certificate for web pages.

In Internet Explorer, click on Install Certificate… which will run the Certificate Import Wizard. Accepting all of the default options and clicking on Finish will take you through to a final confirmation box which includes the SHA1 Fingerprint. Internet Explorer calls it a “thumbprint” and displays it slightly differently (no colons, different spacing), but it is the same thing. Make sure the numbers and the letters match.

SHA1 Fingerprint: 23:B5:CE:A6:87:7E:90:D1:67:4A:19:FE:29:C3:F8:E9:79:96:16:FE

MD5 Fingerprint: A0:A0:9D:B4:82:81:0B:51:CD:42:3E:20:2D:1D:FD:9B

Mobile users may find that the mobile version works better.