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One is a FPGA-based CPU core. It is also a system consisting of the one CPU along with a small number of surrounding peripherals.

It is in an early stage of design.

Here are a few notes on the instruction set.

Instruction set concepts

ld rx, (ry + k)
st rx, (ry + k)

add rx, ry, rz
mov rx, ry

ld rx, #123

b (rx + k)
bl (rx + k)

	ld rx, (ry + k)
	ld rx, (++ry + k) [aka pop]
	st rx, (ry + k)
	st rx, (ry-- + k) [aka push]
	ld rx, #k		Is this really a mov?
	b[cond] (ry + k)
	bl[cond] (ry + k)
ALU op
	alu3[op] rx, ry, rz [ux, uy]
	alu3[op] rx, ry, #k [ux, uy]
	alu2[op] rx, ry [ux, uy]
	alu2[op] rx, #k [ux] (this is the same as ld (7), or compare)
?	trap rx
	trap #k

8 registers (including PC) flags (not mapped into register file)

Instruction set

Special purpose intsructions

These are special purpose interpretations of more general forms of instruction.

bs = byte-swap
swp = atomically swap *rx and *ry
rti = mov, but also return to user mode. Destination is usually the program counter.

mov upc, rx        = rti
mov upc, urx       = 
mov rx, upc        = trap
mov urx, upc       =
mov upc, upc       =
mov urx, ury       = bswap
prefix alternate instruction set
    mul => div
	   signed div
	   signed mul
    rotate => rotate 16 bits
    load/store => byte